Promotional Tech Items That Won’t Hurt Your Binders

Promotional Tech Items That Won’t Hurt Your Binders

Corporate gifts are an enjoyable way to create a professional impression. They can be given to individual team members or executives as a reward for a job well done. They can also be given as thank you gifts for outstanding contributions to the company. From college students to corporate executives, factory workers to chefs and anyone in between, individuals are utilizing their daily devices to perform all the mundane tasks. The use of portable media players like iPods and headphones is becoming increasingly common in our day-to-day lives. A gift of one of these gadgets would not go wrong.

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Some people are beginning to recognize the potential of personalized electronic gifts in their marketing efforts. Corporate gifts that are personalized can go a long way towards showing employees, clients, and customers that you care about them. The possibilities for promotional Bluetooth headphones are endless. Here are some ideas for personalized electronic gifts:

Personalized Bluetooth Speakers. Give the power bank a boost by including it in a corporate gift set. Power banks are always great as a promotional tech items and a power bank is always appreciated. These can be given out at trade shows, conferences, employee appreciation events, or just at the office. The recipient will appreciate receiving such a thoughtful gift. It’s a great way to give something unique that will help promote your business.

Universal Power Batteries. When it comes to giving out promotional tech items, nothing beats universal power banks. These are small universal batteries that are designed for any laptop computer or handheld. A variety of styles and sizes are available so your next campaign is bound to have something with the name of your company on it.

Clip Clap Bluetooth Speakers. These are tiny clip clap speakers that make a beautiful addition to any bag or desk. The best thing about these micro-USB charging adapters is that they can double as a speaker.

Universal USB Charger. If you want your next promotional gift to reach a broad audience, give people power with a universal usb charger. There are universal chargers that plug into different devices, so whether you’re handing out pens or keys, you can’t go wrong. If the recipient uses a laptop or handheld frequently, this could be a good choice as well.

Micro-USB Power Saving Chargers. Another great item to give out as a next campaign giveaway is a micro-USB power saving charger. Many people don’t carry rechargeable batteries in their purse or pocket. A power saving charger is perfect because it charges a person’s battery while it’s in their bag or other location. They’ll be plugged into their laptop or power cord for extra power as needed, and they’ll have an extra battery on hand if power is out.

Bluetooth Keypad. A great example of a top gift idea for corporate gifting is a Bluetooth personal device. There are currently several leading manufacturers offering Bluetooth personal devices, such as Vera Bradley, Active Life, and Slatlock. These devices are designed specifically for use with cell phones but can easily be transferred to other devices, such as laptop computers. If you purchase a Bluetooth keypad, you’ll be able to quickly exchange information between your mobile devices (or between your various cell phones and laptops).

Carabiner Power Bank. One of the most innovative promotional tech items on the market today is the carabiner power bank. These small, stylish devices provide a safe, secure way to carry large items, such as walkers or suitcases, in addition to keeping your hands free. When used in conjunction with the Walk Man Power Bank, a corporate gifting gift that will certainly impress. A carabiner power bank holds up to seven different chargeable items, including a cell phone, a laptop, a digital camera, an iPod, and even an MP3 player. You can choose from a range of colors, styles, and shapes, so these handy devices will work in style anywhere you go.

JBL Headphones. If you’re in need of some good corporate gifts for your meeting participants, consider giving them a corporate bamboo headset. JBL is one of the most respected manufacturers of cellophane headphones and other audio products. The JBL headphones come with a protective carrying case and are available in a variety of models and color options. For added effect, add a promotional tech item that uses JBL’s revolutionary Bluetooth speaker technology.